42 Interactive is a patented graph database and visual environment that lets you go from raw data to whiteboxed AI in minutes.

Our Customers

42 Interactive's customers and pilots have included leading institutions in health care, finance, aerospace and AI, including...

Everyone who uses TensorFlow will want to use this.

CEO of a Quantitative Hedge fund
specializing in Machine Learning

The term "visual analytics" is overused in this space. 42 Interactive is what visual analytics should be.

Srini P.
Growth Advisor, Investor, Technologist


Fintech Sandbox
42 Interactive is accepted to Fintech Sandbox, letting us demonstrate our capacity for fusing, transforming and delivering insights on financial services data at a truly massive scale and complexity.
AI in Healtchare
42 Interactive presents at ICAIH.
Helynx, Inc is now 42 Interactive
Same great visual interactive language, brand new name.
Machine Learning and AI in Healtchare
42 Interactive presents admissions predictions and revealing the unexpected with AI at Machine Learning in Healthcare.
42 Interactive at AI Med
42 Interactive presents admissions predictions and clinical trials results at the first Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Conference.
42 Interactive at SoCal Machine Learning Symposium
42 Interactive presents our clinical trials work.
Mt. Wilson Ventures
Mt. Wilson Ventures completed a seed investment in 42 Interactive. Thank you!

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Co-founder Chess Stetson at alma mater's STEM festival.
42 Interactive at HIMSS.
42 Interactive at MIT Sloan
42 Interactive presents at MIT Sloan Bioinnovations, "Predicting Admissions and Emergency Visits from Time-lagged ACO-specific Data"
42 Interactive Announces Partnership With ApolloMed
42 Interactive announces a partnership with ApolloMed ACO to bring its unique, next-generation analytics solution to Apollo's patients.
"We believe that analytics will play a transformative role in healthcare in the near future and especially in population health management. 42 Interactive's unique platform will help us further identify our highest risk patients so we can assign care managers and clinicians to them and intervene in their care before they deteriorate," stated Warren Hosseinion, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of Apollo Medical Holdings. "These interventions should significantly reduce avoidable hospitalizations, improve patient outcomes and save millions of dollars in healthcare costs."

Helynx wins 1st Place In the HeroX Challenge

42 Interactive wins first prize for our solution to increase patient enrollment in clinical trials in the Ideation Phase of the Herox Clinical Trials Innovation Challenge sponsored by the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation.

New Digs!

Helynx moves in to idealab.

Voting in the HeroX challenge concludes

Thanks to everyone who voted! If you haven't already, check out the video describing our solution our solution to the problem of recruiting more patients for clinical trials.


Boris successfully defends his Ph.D. Congratulations, Boris!

HeroX Clinical Trials Innovation Challenge

42 Interactive and Dr. Jae Kim enter the Herox Clinical Trial Innovation Prize challenge, with a plan to dramatically increase patient recruitment in clinical trials.

Helynx @ Caltech

42 Interactive gives a talk for Caltech's CNS program.

Helynx and GEANCO

42 Interactive co-founder takes part in hospital planning session, with GEANCO and OMMA.

42 Interactive @ Rock Health

42 Interactive invited to Rock Health CEO Summit on Digital Health.

42 Interactive Presents

42 Interactive technology presented at the Second Annual Summit on Risk Adjustment And Revenue Management for the Health Insurance Exchanges, in Carlsbad, CA.

Chess in the News

Our co-founder, in the Wall Street Journal: "...a crowbar to pry open how the brain works."

42 Interactive In Africa

Our non-profit text-messaging project was featured in Harvard Magazine. "...a system that allows U.S.-based surgeons to follow up with their patients in Africa..."

Who we are

42 Interactive was created by a group of computational neuroscientists from Caltech and Harvard.

Chess Stetson, Ph.D.

Chess Stetson, Ph.D., did his doctoral (2012) and post-doctoral work in Computation and Neural Systems at Caltech, studying the oscillatory relationship between cortical regions and using signals from individual neurons to predict decisions. Previously, he studied the basis of neural time processing. He earned an AB in Physics from Harvard College, (2001) and an MS from the University of Texas (Houston Medical Center, 2006). He also worked as an engineer at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, building instrumentation for air- and rocket-borne experiments. And, he has appeared several times as a neuroscience expert on National Geographic.

Boris Revechkis, Ph.D.

Boris Revechkis received his PhD (2015) in Computation and Neural Systems from Caltech. There, Boris investigated the use of the parietal lobe for neural prosthetics, a.k.a. brain-machine interfaces, examining the role of parietal areas in motor function and self-monitoring. These experiments allowed paralyzed patients to control avatars in 3D virtual reality directly with their neurons, i.e. just by thinking about it, and represent the first ever clinical trials of a neural prosthesis controlled by the parietal lobe. Previously, Boris learned about reverse engineering the brain at New York University where he completed his BSc in Neural Science (2008) and developed software for a personal finance startup.

Kris Chaisanguanthum, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Advisor

Kris (Ph.D. 2008, Particle Physics, Harvard) has a stellar scientific track record and statistical background, publishing on topics ranging from rare decays of exotic subatomic particles to neural computation to the neuroscience of baseball. He earned an AB in Physics from Harvard College in 2001, and among his awards are fellowships from the Sloan foundation, Gatsby foundation and NSF.

Kevin Kearns, M.D.
Clinical Advisor

Dr. Kearns is the Managing Partner for 2K Healthcare Solution, and Quality/ Transformation Physician Leader for Atlanticare Health System, Inc., where he leverages industry leading expertise in medical management, operations, and data analytics to provide clinical program development, care management and comprehensive medical expense management solutions to health systems, managed care organizations, and technology companies.

Mark Goodstein
Startup Advisor

Founder of GoTo.com, Intranets.com, and X1 Technologies among others. Extensive, long-standing ties to Caltech, Idealab, Innovate Pasadena, Art Center, JPL and the broader Pasadena start-up community.

Richard Weil
Finance Advisor

Financing, growth, M&A and restructuring experience with a diverse set of companies and institutions including MOCA, LiveGamer, Adapt Technologies, Weil Publishing, GiftCertificates.com, Tokai Bank Europe, and The MAC Group. Managing director of Mt. Wilson Ventures.

Mike Giardello, Ph.D.
Science Commercialization Advisor

Caltech chemist by training, and founder of Materia, Inc. Extensive experience in commercializing science and author of over 90 patents. Co-founder of Innovate Pasadena and Managing director of Mt. Wilson Ventures.



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